Professional bookkeeping & accounting that saves you time and money.

From start-ups to long established businesses we can help to keep you on top of your financial paperwork. With just over 14 years of industry experience in providing a vast number of key services.

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    Welcome to BarrettStacey Accounting

    We are a friendly, approachable team of Accountants and Bookkeepers based in Bristol. We have a wealth of knowledge working with many different industries. Over the last few years, we have formed a close-knit team of Accountants and Bookkeepers that have all the skills needed to provide you with the best service. We can work with you anywhere you’re at in your business journey – whether you’re just starting up or want help scaling up. If this sounds like something that may be useful for your business please do get in touch as we’d love to talk more about how we can help!

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    Why us

    We offer all the services you’d expect from a traditional accountancy firm on a fixed fee basis, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of the year. Below is a list of those services, all of which can be offered to you as a complete package or pay as you go. Some businesses prefer an hourly rate, so this can be offered.


    All businesses have a legal requirement to keep records of their transactions which means the maintenance of accounting software. All you need to do is send us your bank statements and upload your receipts/Invoices to the software (we will show you how to do this) We’ll then take care of the rest in the background. You will be able to run your business knowing you a tax-efficient.

    If you simply don’t have time to upload your invoices/receipts, please speak to us. We will do this for you, for an additional admin fee.


    If your VAT taxable turnover exceeds the current threshold of £85,000 (for the 2021/22 tax year). The VAT taxable turnover refers to the total value of everything that you sell that isn’t exempt from VAT. you expect your VAT taxable turnover to exceed £85,000 in the next 30-day period. Your business will need to file VAT returns. You can choose the frequency of VAT return submissions. Monthly, quarterly or yearly. Whichever scheme suits your business best.

    This may sound daunting. But don’t worry, we will incorporate the VAT returns into your package.

    Payroll & Auto Enrolment

    If you have employee’s you need to tell HMRC and deduct PAYE and NI from their pay before remitting to HMRC. You will also need to set up a software for Auto enrolment and file your pension contributions.

    Monthly or Quarterly Management Accounts

    Regular snapshots of your business that ensure you know how your business is performing throughout the year, so you are then able to manage the performance. Lenders often insist on regular, up to date management accounts as part of their agreement with you.

    Annual Accounts Production

    Tells you the performance of your business over the year. This is also required by Companies House and HMRC if your business is a company.

    Tax Returns

    All businesses and their owners are required to submit tax returns. Self assessment deadline is 31st January of each year.

    Cash-flow Forecasting

    Essential for new businesses or those looking to raise finance. These can form part of the management accounts package.

    Book Clean Ups

    Have you been running your business but forgetting about the daunting annual accounts? Do you have a box full of receipts, no software? Hand the box over and your bank statements to BarrettStacey Accounting. You will have peace of mind knowing that your accounts are being put in order and submitted to companies house.

    Accountancy Software

    Unsure of which software to choose? BarrettStacey Accounting use many softwares. Xero, Tax Calc, Sage, Quickbooks, Kashflow, Smart Pensions, Nest, various CRMs and good old fashioned Microsoft Excel. With experience of all these softwares/app add on’s. We can help you streamline your accounting.

    A team of accredited Accountants and Bookkeepers. MAAT, ACCA, AATQB.


    Do you worry you may not be claiming the correct expenses? You could be losing out on tax relief.

    For a monthly fee, you could have peace of mind knowing that your accounts are under control by a licensed bookkeeper who is certified by the top leading accounting softwares on the market.

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